The preceding is the latest post of my personal blog.

This blog is my personal space of expression, allowing me to freely share about my personal experiences.

It will cover topics related to technology, research, travel and other sharing.

Note that I am the only one bound by this view, the opinion expressed is binding only on the author.

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Over the years, I have been able to accompany freelancers, entrepreneurs, associations and companies on many digital projects in France and in the Bay Area, California (USA).



My (first) name is Ky Van, 28 years old.
(pronounced as /ˈkiː ˈvæn/)

Born in the suburbs of Paris, I live in Saint-Gratien (Val d'Oise, France).
Since March 2021, I have temporarily settled in Vietnam for professional reasons.

I currently work as Project Management Officer (PMO).

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